As the world goes to shit and 

spirals out of control,

the Beat Goes On...

About me

Since I am now an old retired helicopter pilot who's been aviatin' for 48 years, with over 10'000 hrs of accident-free flying in 16 different different airframes, both military and commercial, I thought I would share some old photos, and maybe a vid or two,  of some of those times and places.  Just a few memories as a helicopter pilot flying all sorts of different jobs with one of them 'whirly-gigs'; as some old local gal in Sabine Pass, Texas once called them.  I always liked that description.   A very unique machine; them darn whirly-gigs.

You know, years ago I needed to set up a domain website in order to try to sell a vintage RV that I had in storage in my barn; a '97 Safari Trek, shown here at my site.  Didn't give it a whole lot of thought after a while.  Then, after a couple of years,  and out of the blue, some guy (a retired circa-50's naval aviator) contacted me and ultimately bought the Trek.  Well, now being motorhome-less, and always wanting a diesel-pusher Class A, comes my current coach;  1997 Foretravel U-320.  It's here, too.


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